The “App and Library” Style

What I’m calling the “App & Library” style of plugin organization centers around the separation of core plugin functionality from WordPress specific code such as admin menus, action hooks, etc. The folder structure inspired by the Laravel Framework, as I commonly do work in both WordPress and Laravel. + /my-plugin + /includes + /app + […]

Automating Requests

Personal Data Eraser

Personal Data and WordPress

In WordPress 4.9.6, new tools were added to make compliance easier with laws like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short. WordPress Plugin Handbook – Privacy WordPress provides the workflow to process and facilitate requests for exporting and deleting (erasing) personally identifiable information. This feature is implemented using a “step processor” […]

Personal Data Exporter

Read more about the Personal Data Exporter in the Plugin Handbook. The Personal Data Exporter provides a downloadable copy of a user’s personally identifiable data based on a provided email address. WordPress also provides the workflow for requesting, generating, and delivering the download, which leaves the plugin developer with the specifics for their collected data. […]

AMP and WordPress

AMP is a one of those technologies that you either love or hate. But what is it? Why the controversies and how does it help me?

The New Block Editor for WordPress

The Block Editor is the newest WordPress component with a focus on updating the content editing experience. The concept of “blocks” aims to unify shortcodes, custom HTML, and embeds into a single workflow.

“Hello, World!”